About DeAnne

DeAnne is a woman filled with exuberance, charm and love of life. She naturally cultivates a harmonized sense of community, uplifting and encouraging others wherever she may be. Her ability to bring people together and evoke a sense of connection, purpose and well being is something DeAnne values in her journey. These qualities continue to play a key role in DeAnne’s life – both personally and professionally.

The play of words sings out to DeAnne, and she recognizes humorously that her gifts and mission merge neatly and appropriately into the word CHATS. The words below beautifully define what she feels as her own presence and essence in the world:


Communicator & Conscious Connector
Artist, Author & Advocate
Soul Speaker

DeAnne savors the expansiveness of life and thrives on bringing this transparency and open expression to her interactions, inviting a sense of inspiration, exploration, passion, authenticity, vulnerability, conscious connection, collaboration and full self-expression in others. She possesses a deep understanding that we are all capable of impacting change through conscious exchange of who we are.