Today ~ an Epiphany

I awoke this morning recognizing how odd this day felt.

Having the first anniversary of the attack on our nation’s Capitol coinciding with the holy day of The Epiphany (Three Kings Day or the day of the Magi) just seemed so strange and confusingly symbolic on a deep energetic collective level.

In some Christian faiths, this is a day to honor the divinity and humanity of Jesus. In most, it is the day that three wise men acknowledged the Christ child.

With America currently in its first Pluto return since the very founding of our country, it is certainly a profound time of facing our shadows, recognizing our lights and reassessing ourselves and our nation.

So….. I lit a candle and allowed its flame to burn all throughout this day.


Epiphany is the final day of the twelve days of Christmas.

I feel a call to a deeply collective healing and awakening in the alignment of events and energies present on January 6th now.

Today marks one of the earliest and longest celebrated Christian holidays.

Today is the day of the Epiphany (that honors the divinity and the humanity in the Christ child and thus the Christ consciousness in us all) and this is the day that honors a Trinity of wise ones who journeyed far to meet and acknowledge that child 


 and that Truth within us All. 


From early this morning, throughout the day and into this night…. this candle has burned bright amidst the recollections of great darkness.

Its flame still burns as I write these words with the night sky enveloping and the stars twinkling from afar.

May the coinciding of these historic events be meaningful in actualizing ‘a more perfect union’ within each of our hearts, across this country and throughout our world.

Epiphany also means a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

On this day in America, now known to have had an incite of violence, may we now experience an insight of awareness and an epiphany of divine and human recognition within ourselves and one another.

May this day become an even truer day of an “Epiphany” in our hearts and in our modern times…

With So Much Love, DeAnne

For more understanding of America’s Pluto return, feel free to read this January 2021 article by Divine Harmony,

WE The People are U.S.

Being a first time Election Day line worker at our neighborhood polling location was a wonderful and memorable experience.

The entire day went smoothly with a well run process indoors and outside. Observers even commended the voting process at our location.

Personally, I was thrilled to experience the friendly collaborations of our fellow Election Day staff as well as the appreciation and patience of the voters at our site. I got thanked so many times throughout our twelve hours assisting voters.

The community atmosphere was inspiring!

Even our line worker moments of having to remind people to distance, wear masks and take off political hats or campaign masks went well and were received respectfully.

My own vision and intention to hold space for an entire day of unified honoring of our democratic process truly did come true. The staffers at our location each expressed similar appreciation and so many voters did too. 💗🙏🏼

This experience was inspiring.

WE The People are a Community.

I witnessed it in person all day!

Thank you each for voting! #WeThePeopleAreTheUnitedStates

Toltec Wisdom Renewed

The Fifth Agreement

I am appreciating listening to Peter Coyote narrate the wisdom in Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz’s book “The Fifth Agreement.”

This is the follow up to the evolutionary wisdom of “The Four Agreements.”

Hearing this, it settles into me at many levels. Practicing it transforms life.

Grateful for this renewal of my awareness and use of all the agreements.

Today, I brought the actual book with me as well. Soaking this in….

All these agreements are so seemingly simple and yet are such a profound lifelong practice. Renewing my practice today.

And… The timing of this fifth agreement is perfect for right now. “Be Skeptical, but Learn to Listen.”

These Agreements are lifelong guidance. After twenty years, I continue learning to live them.

  1. The First Agreement: Be Impeccable with Your Word
  2. The Second Agreement: Don’t Take Anything Personally
  3. The Third Agreement: Don’t Make Assumptions
  4. The Fourth Agreement: Always Do Your Best
  5. The Fifth Agreement: Be Skeptical, but Learn to Listen

Love you G-G

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 4.20.01 PM

On July 17, 2020, this very special woman made her transition. Our “G-G”, Brian’s grandmother and Lauren Claire Wolfgram‘s last living great grandmother, was one heck of a woman.

Marge Wolfgram had an incredible hearty laugh and could get you rolling with her humor and delivery. Her keen mind was sharp into her 90’s, and she lived independently until just the last few weeks of her life. G-G’s cookies were always plentiful, as were her hugs. I’m so glad we had the visits that we did over the years despite living across the country from her.

Lauren and I are so very, very thankful that we were able to have this finale conversation with her via Zoom on June 12th just as G-G began her at home hospice care. On this day, you wouldn’t have imagined she was anything but one thousand percent healthy, sassy, smart and fun. She was. This conversation was amazing. The laughter was constant and G-G told us how much she loved us and how much she loved being in our family. I can’t imagine a more perfect goodbye, unless we had been able to hug her one last time.

Marge gave her entire family the gift of these special goodbyes, visits and chats before she passed. I’ve never known anyone who made their transition in quite a way as this, but then again, G-G was quite a woman.

Having her wish me a Happy 50th on the video Lauren made for my birthday was absolutely unforgettable. Of course, I bawled instantly, knowing she wouldn’t be with us for long as she made her wonderful and (of course) humorous wish to me.

We shall miss her. I shall miss her, but I know she is having some wonderful reunions right now. Marge has a huge family and countless loved ones, here on earth and in Heaven.

I’m so incredibly grateful that she and I were able to share two very special conversations in the final months of her life. Our shared sass, appreciation, humor and love was a blessing.

Thank you G-G. Blessed journey on… We love you so.💗

“All My Life’s A Circle”

“All My Life’s A Circle”

This circular experience of Life…. and our Circles of Connection feel very present today. These lyrics have been singing within all morning. Enjoy! ☀️

“All my life’s a circle, sunrise and sundown
Moon rolls through the night-time till the daybreak comes around
All my life’s a circle but I can’t tell you why
Seasons spinning round again, the years keep rolling by

Seems like I’ve been here before, and I well remember when
I’ve got a funny feeling that we’ll all be together again
No straight lines make up my life, all my roads are bends
There’s no clear-cut beginning and so far no dead ends

I’ve found you a thousand times, I know you’ve done the same
Then we lose each other, it’s like a children’s game
If I find you here again the thought comes through my mind

Life is like a circle, let’s go round one more time” 🌀

With So Much Love and Deep Gratitude.
Blessings to You Today, and Always.

“I’ve got a funny feeling that We’ll All Be Together Again…” xoxo🌏


‘Circle’ by the late great Harry Chapin

Thank you

Professional Firefighters of Nevada

These times are profound for everyone.

Today, March 31, 2020, is my husband’s final day of serving as a Vice President for our state’s Professional Firefighters of Nevada.

What a strange, poignant, profound time to be passing the baton to a very capable member of our Henderson Professional Firefighters Local who will now also fulfill that important state role.

As my husband relinquishes his final firefighting service role, for now, we are in the midst of selling our home, soon moving and eventually building a new home.

Yes… These times are profound for everyone.

Today, I simply want to acknowledge my husband’s three decades+ of firefighting service and the many significant local and state leadership roles he has fulfilled.

Those that follow are blessed because of your leadership Brian. We are all grateful. 🔥❤️🔥

The Christmas Memory I Wish We Hadn’t Made

9c2c21d3-065f-4973-a781-c158df077f01Well…. this was one Christmas~time memory that I wish we had not made…..

Last night created the memory of our “Egg Nog Dog.”

This photo shows our 9 year old pup sleeping off her hangover this morning…. following her opportunistic devouring of 3 ounces of my egg nog, 14.75% alcohol (29.5% proof) premixed egg nog at that!

I had poured my festive drink and was sitting down to watch a romantic Christmas film when I suddenly decided I wanted to nibble.

As the show continued, I got up and made my snack, completely forgetting my beverage on the couch side table. While I was absorbed in making some clam dip, my opportunistic Chiweenie snuck in and guzzled down the entire glass of egg nog.

Unknowingly, I returned to the couch with snack in hand and sat back down (without ever having seen her pull off her sneaky sipping.) Kizmet was already curled back on her pillow contentedly. When I reached for my egg nog and placed the glass to my mouth, I was momentarily gobsmacked to find it entirely empty. She had licked it completely clean.

I instantly grew concerned and researched alcohol issues with dogs. It didn’t seem like a large quantity at first and so I gave her a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to prompt vomiting (which multiple sources online recommended and which a vet tech later warned me not to do in future due to possible aspiration+.) I also poured extra water into her and pondered further response.

When she began wobbling, bumping into furniture, flopping sideways onto pillows and not able to walk a straight line after 40 minutes, I got worried. My soul pup was most definitely drunk.

I went to get out of my nightgown and ready myself for a vet trip. In doing so, I woke my retired first responder and asked his advice. He recommended I continue watching her closely and keeping her near me. I had been doing that and became even more vigilant. At that point, he didn’t think an emergency vet visit would be needed.

I was still fairly calm yet worried. My concern spilled out my eyes as I held my girl, and Kiz wildly licked away the tears, even as she couldn’t entirely hold her head up consistently straight. Kiz may have been feeling badly, but she was concerned about me. Sweet baby…

My fair amount of calm ended about 75 minutes after my dog’s egg nog guzzling.

At that point Lauren had arrived home and Kiz greeted her happily yet really wobbling significantly, even falling over sideways. Lauren responded that it was concerning but it was also quite funny to see her like that.

Kiz was thrilled to see her grown up girl. She flopped in Lauren’s lap and then stretched up to lather her face with oodles of egg nog smelling dog kisses.

Within moments of that sweet greeting, Kizmet face planted on the carpet and then stood up on wiggling legs and vomited. It was a mega vomit moment. Up came her snack, dinner and huge amounts of nasty smelling, water loaded, egg nog liquid all over Lauren’s new creamy carpet. Thankfully, at least it was all the same color. Ugh!

The vomiting continued in multiple places. We couldn’t respond quick enough to clean up a spot before she wobbled elsewhere and got sick again. Sometimes sliding in the slickness or flopping so that her lovely ears or front legs landed in the mess.

Oh my poor baby… Oh my God, did I feel like an awful doggie momma. Concern and guilt warred for supremacy in me. Worry took the lead.

Kizmet’s heart began beating rapidly from the anxiousness and sickness. Mine did too.

When not holding Kiz as I cleaned up vomit or cleaning up a spot herself, Lauren also did more research.

At that point, I was getting more alarmed seeing Kizmet’s eyes a bit glazed and her head flopping.

It was then close to midnight. Lauren and I came to a mutual decision.

I fervently chose to get our beloved dog into an emergency vet. I asked Lauren to accompany me. With Kiz hyperactively pacing and flopping, she needed to be held as someone drove. Lauren brought out her own favorite blanket, and we wrapped up our pup. I readied for the drive but Kiz was lunging from Lauren’s arms and toward me. It became obvious that I needed to hold Kiz so Lauren took the driver’s seat. Luckily, I brought extra towels in the car. We needed one.

Lauren calmly drove and kept saying soothing statements to me as I was chastising myself and worrying over Kizmet in turns… I had, at least, done the best I could in each moment. How grateful I was for my daughter and her sage presence.

We got to the emergency vet in 18 minutes and I was greeted by a kind veterinary technician promptly. When asked if Kizmet had vomited, I offered that she had… about six times.

After taking down all the details, she went in the back with Kiz to get her vitals. I could hear her reassuringly telling Kizmet that she would be “back with momma soon.” My four legged girl is very attached to me.

I sat alone in the exam room sending my soul pup Reiki and sending more energy to the man and his dog in the next room as I heard him sharing his love for his companion in the minutes before his dog was to be euthanized. Through the wall, I had heard him ask questions of the doctor and come to that heart wrenching decision. My own heart ached for them both, even as I begged angels to take care of my own beloved companion.

After a time, a smiling veterinarian came in and told me that Kiz was doing well. He admitted that she was a little wobbly but that she was alert and her vitals were all good. I would be able to take her home without any further treatment. The vomiting she had done was key. Now I would need to watch for any strange breathing and simply keep water nearby for her.

My relief was immense…

Our conversation took a more humorous turn as the vet commented that at least Kiz hadn’t drunk Everclear. (Lordy, none of us ever would.) The vet was very warm, calm and kind. He didn’t convey the least amount of criticism or judgment. In fact, he was keeping it all very light. He shared that we just needed to treat her as we would ourselves. She would need to sleep it off and drink water. I thanked him and the vet tech and gladly paid the $90 exam fee.

While I was making the payment, Kiz made a few strange noises. I asked her if she was about to toss her cookies again. Thankfully, I’d guessed it. I tilted her sideways in my arms and she vomited on the lobby floor (completely clear of herself, Lauren’s blanket and me.) Well done us!! I apologized to the receptionist and she said not to worry.

With enormous relief, we made our way home.

Kizmet slurped down huge quantities of water the moment we arrived back. She and I shared a snuggly tired sleep in the guest room from 2AM – 9AM with only one time of her waking up for more water.

Our pup was much more herself upon waking but obviously slightly weak and tired. The ‘hang-over’ signs were clear.

Kiz and I even napped in the trailer on property (during the soothing rain shower this afternoon) as our home was toured by a realtor and a prospective buyer. That part was a sweet memory as I had a dog under the covers beneath my right hand and our amazing cat Smokey beneath my left hand.

Ahhhhh… purrs, rain drizzling, the warm calm heartbeat of my pup and me all snuggled and appreciative…

I am so very glad that this story had a happy ending…

Lesson learned…. Prayers answered. Heart grateful. 💗

Breathing More Deeply

After two weeks of Brian being retired from firefighting, I’ve realized that I am literally breathing more deeply.

I knew I was always subconsciously aware of what he faced at his job and what could happen. Those possibilities and realities always loomed, quietly ~ pondered in a moment and then tucked away inside me.

Truly, the unknowns of life are present for us all regardless of occupation, but we know that some take on another level of challenge. Our firefighters and other first responders most certainly do.

I knew I was always aware of this in the back of my mind and heart….


I now know that it was far more than I ever knew.


This has been part of our relationship since the moment we met, since we joined our lives, since I gave him my heart.  Now my heart beats more calmly.


Ahhhhhh……. Another deeper breath…..



Profound divine thanks that my man came through his 32+ years of firefighting as he has and is the man he is.
Thank you
that I am now breathing far easier than I ever knew I could.
Our journey continues with many adventures
and that feeling of TOGETHERness
is BEYOND even what we had known before this.
Wolfgram IMG_6068
Life is good, and I am so truly, deeply Thankful.

Love is your greatest Strength

IMG_3065Love is your greatest strength. 🌹

Bring a quiet stillness within and allow the whispers of your own soul.
There is a restoration and aligning offered in the energy here.

I was guided to create this altar today. It is a love infused gift, to each of us.

A depth of soul is present, along with profound empathy, fierce gentle Grace, forgiveness across lifetimes, community encircling, hearts unifying, sisterhood restored, brotherhood honored, Belovedness embodied and The Way of Love alive.
May you know how much you are loved.

#BeReal #BeYou #BeTheLove #BeLoved


Emerge Butterfly! 🦋



“I once heard it said a caterpillar can fly, but not as a caterpillar.

A caterpillar has to be willing to go through a metamorphosis. There are imaginal cells in the caterpillar that begin to activate the transformation of metamorphosis.

Now at first the caterpillar’s memory of what the caterpillar is, or its immune system, fights those imaginal cells. Ultimately, because they are of a higher power, those imaginal cells take over and the caterpillar submits to the transformation that brings forth the butterfly.

So my friend what is the butterfly of you, seeking to emerge this day? What is that butterfly?

You can fly. You can do whatever it is that is in your heart and burning to come forth, but not in the image you have held of yourself.

So what is the butterfly image of you today? Know that this is God’s dream for the next stage of your life. Get in touch with that image.

It’s you.

Spread your wings…” – Mary Manin Morrissey 🦋

shared with thanks to Cathy Lynn
photograph: DeAnne Wolfgram (c) 2006