Conscious Connections NOW

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Being CONSCIOUSLY CONNECTED inside and out is our mission here in this extraordinary time we are living in NOW.  Join our authentic community at

I began facilitating and hosting ‘sacred salon style’ gatherings over a dozen years ago.  Eventually, the name “Conscious Connections NOW” became both our title and our mission.  The gatherings, offerings and community have now broadened into a global public forum.  Conscious Connections NOW is dedicated to expanding consciousness in the world, both personally and globally.  We celebrate authenticity and create genuine connection through real collaborative community.  We create a safe, sacred space for connection within ourselves and with one another.  We inspire self awareness, encourage self love and personal empowerment, foster authentic local and global community, and recognize that NOW is the only time we ever have.  We hope you truly enjoy the inspiring messages, event invitations, uplifting ideas, engaging concepts, and fascinating discussions posted here.  We deeply honor authenticity, kindness, integrity, respect, co-creation, vision, inspired action, collaboration and the awareness of our interconnectedness.  Knowing that everything is energy we seek to infuse everything with love.  Welcome to our global on-line forum. We are glad to have your authentic presence and energy in our group and welcome postings from you when and as you are “consciously and conscientiously” inspired to share them.  We also facilitate gatherings and events in the Las Vegas/Henderson area where open minded & warm-hearted members meet regularly to share experiences….


Appreciatively, DeAnne Wolfgram
Founder of Conscious Connections NOW

Explore upcoming events here:

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