Embodied Soul ~ Natural Woman

I have always believed that when a Great Soul passes……. their life purpose and mission infuse the world……. and are ready to be embodied at a new level by those who remain here on earth.


Today, I am appreciating the PRESENCE and soul stirring talents that Aretha Franklin brought to our planet, praying for her as she journeys beyond and asking for the blessing of embodied Soul within Every Natural Woman in our world.

3 thoughts on “Embodied Soul ~ Natural Woman

  1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Thank you for blessing our world with your presence, gracing us all with your voice and igniting our souls, for generations.

    Journey On #Aretha . The Heavenly Choir has the #QueenOfSoul now. Sing On! 🙏🏻🎶✨❤️

    Here she is performing ‘Respect’ in Detroit in front of Martin Luther King Jr in 1968 – the day was declared Aretha Franklin day.

  2. I’ve watched this countless times since Aretha’s original performance, and it stirs my soul every single time. ❤️

    My wish and heartfelt prayer are for each of us to fully embody our gifts and our unique soul signature. Aretha role modeled this for us all. THAT is the FEELING that her performance here gives to me every time.

    Surrounded by luminaries Her Brilliance awed and ignited them all… Hearts and eyes were full and overflowing. It’s what we all feel when we are in the PRESENCE of an EMBODIED SOUL.

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