Reiki means “universal life force energy”…

Reiki is the power of the universe that flows through every living thing.  The purpose of Reiki is to activate and accelerate the flow of this energy.  Reiki is based upon ancient knowledge and was rediscovered in Japan around 1900. Reiki requires no particular dogma or belief system.  It is a gentle yet powerful energetic healing modality.

DeAnne Wolfgram was trained in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method of Reiki in October 1997 by her Reiki Master Maureen Puaena O’Shaughnessy. DeAnne utilized the healing powers of Reiki in her own recovery from cervical cancer. She completed advanced second degree training in February 1998 and has years of further trainings and countless Reiki experiences. DeAnne has been an active member of the Reiki community in the Las Vegas/Henderson valley for over twenty years. She offers individual sessions to clients, has volunteered at The Caring Place and has hosted Reiki classes for more than a fifteen years.

Feel free to contact DeAnne at 702-499-5082 to experience your own individual Reiki session at $80/hour or $270 for a four session Reiki immersion experience.

Reiki classes are offered yearly with Reiki Alliance Master Maureen O’Shaughnessy.. Please check the Conscious Connections NOW events section for details.


Benefits of Reiki:

pain relief

increased healing of both acute & chronic conditions

relaxation & stress relief

increased creativity

greater peace

more energy & clarity

enhances massage & other treatments

strengthens intuitive abilities

enlivens & enhances a person’s innate abilities & natural potentials


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