WE The People are U.S.

Being a first time Election Day line worker at our neighborhood polling location was a wonderful and memorable experience.

The entire day went smoothly with a well run process indoors and outside. Observers even commended the voting process at our location.

Personally, I was thrilled to experience the friendly collaborations of our fellow Election Day staff as well as the appreciation and patience of the voters at our site. I got thanked so many times throughout our twelve hours assisting voters.

The community atmosphere was inspiring!

Even our line worker moments of having to remind people to distance, wear masks and take off political hats or campaign masks went well and were received respectfully.

My own vision and intention to hold space for an entire day of unified honoring of our democratic process truly did come true. The staffers at our location each expressed similar appreciation and so many voters did too. 💗🙏🏼

This experience was inspiring.

WE The People are a Community.

I witnessed it in person all day!

Thank you each for voting! #WeThePeopleAreTheUnitedStates

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