Sharing is her soul food

Sharing IS Her SOUL Food….

Sukhvinder Sircar has this potent way of writing alive the feelings and messages of a woman’s heart and soul. I have followed her work on the “Joyous Woman” Facebook page for a long while now… Her writing seemed so tandem to my own journey in 2013. It continues to stir me and the women I join in sacred circle. Namaste Sukhvinder. SHE IS ALIVE in you.

This particular passage is one of my favorites of this ‘Joyous Woman.’ Enjoy…. Allow this soul food to nourish and catalyze you…..

Joyous Woman! with Sukhvinder Sircar

water well

Sharing is her deep need. It is soul food for her. It is not just generosity, it is her vital artery of existence. She loves to open her heart, her wardrobe, her wallet, her home, and her hearth to others. Her subtle channels or nadis draw deep from the earth and her invisible branches intertwine with others.

Sisterhood especially becomes a joy because of the richness of receiving and giving. She shares joyously from the fullness of her soul. There is laughter & rejoicing where she is.

Her biggest joy comes from sharing her soul gifts. Only then does she feel radiantly alive. She acutely understands that her life is not her own. Until she serves, until she touches others deeply, she has not lived. And as she does, the calcification between every cell of her body begins to dissolve. Boundaries dissolve in a great melting and meeting.

She offers…

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