She’s Settling IN


She’s settling……..

She’s settling in……

She’s settling into those depths within herself. Those long untapped natural resources are flowing through her veins, pumping her heart and enlivening her being. She’s settling into an awareness of her own humble magnificence.

She’s in…

She’s in body and embodying it.

She’s settling down.

She’s settling down into those depths and honoring the truth of who she is. Those years filled with insecurity and anxiety are no more. No more does she need to prove who she is to anyone, even to herself. Settling into the depths of her being, she has discovered a being who is deeply sacred, naturally beautiful, expansive and gifted. This being she is….. is multifaceted, intuitively knowing, truly wise, immensely loving and yet… simply indescribable. She no longer needs to give herself labels or be acknowledged by the busy noisy world outside.

The feeling…
this knowing she has now….
is enough.

She is enough. Down in her own depths she is settled.

She’s not settling for anything less.

She’s not settling for anything less, not anymore… She knows her worth now, and she will not settle for anything less than what will honor her gifts and value her essence. Her presence is both powerful and empowering. She will not settle for anything less in herself either. She must hold her own now. Those others who have not done their own deep work will not be able to impact her soul anymore. She can witness them with compassion now and hold her own energy within, so they do not drain her being or suck dry her own aliveness. She will not settle for being called ‘less than’ anymore. She knows her truth. She knows she is a vehicle for the divine on earth. Her own womb mirrors the womb of all creation. She is powerful beyond what she ever knew before this realization and yet she will never use this power to control, manipulate or wound as she has witnessed in the world. She is empowered through the creative, collaborative energy of love. She’s allowing that magnificent loving power to guide her, for it to settle into every pore of her skin and atom of her body and pour out into the world through her every thought, every touch, every word, every action and every moment of simply being who she is.

She is settled now. She has settled into her own being. She knows who she is.
“She” is us….. now.

~ DeAnne Wolfgram, July 19, 2013

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