Honoring the REBEL Woman


Today marks one year since Carrie Fisher transitioned to another galaxy far far away..

I simply wanted to honor that transition and to express once again the profound impact her portrayal of the REBEL Woman, Princess Leia, had upon so many girls and women, across generations.

Carrie Fisher portrayed a heroine’s journey that imprinted on my own young life. In a predominantly masculine world, she was an irrepressibly strong, feisty, female presence.

I married my own Han Solo and am forever happy that I did. This truly IS our line to one another now….. “I love you.” “I know.” ❤️

This video is a wonderful tribute to the power of this REBEL Woman. Given that our family are huge Star Wars fans across generations, I know many that can appreciate this.

May we each BE OUR OWN HERO or HEROINE now!IMG_1862.JPG

And May the Force Be With You……Always.

2 thoughts on “Honoring the REBEL Woman

  1. Beautiful post DeAnne! I went to see Start Wars Episode 8 yesterday with my sister and her 3 (now adult) kids!

    Love to you, MO


    1. Thank you MO! Love you too Rebel Woman. xoxo

      I’m glad you got to experience the latest film with your family. It makes it so much more fun and memorable. We (of course) saw “The Last Jedi” the weekend it opened. Our Rebel Trio all liked it better than the previous “Force Awakens.” My Star Wars guru, Yoda Nathan said the same.

      May the Force Be With You, Always.

      Love to you and your family.

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