The Christmas Memory I Wish We Hadn’t Made

9c2c21d3-065f-4973-a781-c158df077f01Well…. this was one Christmas~time memory that I wish we had not made…..

Last night created the memory of our “Egg Nog Dog.”

This photo shows our 9 year old pup sleeping off her hangover this morning…. following her opportunistic devouring of 3 ounces of my egg nog, 14.75% alcohol (29.5% proof) premixed egg nog at that!

I had poured my festive drink and was sitting down to watch a romantic Christmas film when I suddenly decided I wanted to nibble.

As the show continued, I got up and made my snack, completely forgetting my beverage on the couch side table. While I was absorbed in making some clam dip, my opportunistic Chiweenie snuck in and guzzled down the entire glass of egg nog.

Unknowingly, I returned to the couch with snack in hand and sat back down (without ever having seen her pull off her sneaky sipping.) Kizmet was already curled back on her pillow contentedly. When I reached for my egg nog and placed the glass to my mouth, I was momentarily gobsmacked to find it entirely empty. She had licked it completely clean.

I instantly grew concerned and researched alcohol issues with dogs. It didn’t seem like a large quantity at first and so I gave her a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to prompt vomiting (which multiple sources online recommended and which a vet tech later warned me not to do in future due to possible aspiration+.) I also poured extra water into her and pondered further response.

When she began wobbling, bumping into furniture, flopping sideways onto pillows and not able to walk a straight line after 40 minutes, I got worried. My soul pup was most definitely drunk.

I went to get out of my nightgown and ready myself for a vet trip. In doing so, I woke my retired first responder and asked his advice. He recommended I continue watching her closely and keeping her near me. I had been doing that and became even more vigilant. At that point, he didn’t think an emergency vet visit would be needed.

I was still fairly calm yet worried. My concern spilled out my eyes as I held my girl, and Kiz wildly licked away the tears, even as she couldn’t entirely hold her head up consistently straight. Kiz may have been feeling badly, but she was concerned about me. Sweet baby…

My fair amount of calm ended about 75 minutes after my dog’s egg nog guzzling.

At that point Lauren had arrived home and Kiz greeted her happily yet really wobbling significantly, even falling over sideways. Lauren responded that it was concerning but it was also quite funny to see her like that.

Kiz was thrilled to see her grown up girl. She flopped in Lauren’s lap and then stretched up to lather her face with oodles of egg nog smelling dog kisses.

Within moments of that sweet greeting, Kizmet face planted on the carpet and then stood up on wiggling legs and vomited. It was a mega vomit moment. Up came her snack, dinner and huge amounts of nasty smelling, water loaded, egg nog liquid all over Lauren’s new creamy carpet. Thankfully, at least it was all the same color. Ugh!

The vomiting continued in multiple places. We couldn’t respond quick enough to clean up a spot before she wobbled elsewhere and got sick again. Sometimes sliding in the slickness or flopping so that her lovely ears or front legs landed in the mess.

Oh my poor baby… Oh my God, did I feel like an awful doggie momma. Concern and guilt warred for supremacy in me. Worry took the lead.

Kizmet’s heart began beating rapidly from the anxiousness and sickness. Mine did too.

When not holding Kiz as I cleaned up vomit or cleaning up a spot herself, Lauren also did more research.

At that point, I was getting more alarmed seeing Kizmet’s eyes a bit glazed and her head flopping.

It was then close to midnight. Lauren and I came to a mutual decision.

I fervently chose to get our beloved dog into an emergency vet. I asked Lauren to accompany me. With Kiz hyperactively pacing and flopping, she needed to be held as someone drove. Lauren brought out her own favorite blanket, and we wrapped up our pup. I readied for the drive but Kiz was lunging from Lauren’s arms and toward me. It became obvious that I needed to hold Kiz so Lauren took the driver’s seat. Luckily, I brought extra towels in the car. We needed one.

Lauren calmly drove and kept saying soothing statements to me as I was chastising myself and worrying over Kizmet in turns… I had, at least, done the best I could in each moment. How grateful I was for my daughter and her sage presence.

We got to the emergency vet in 18 minutes and I was greeted by a kind veterinary technician promptly. When asked if Kizmet had vomited, I offered that she had… about six times.

After taking down all the details, she went in the back with Kiz to get her vitals. I could hear her reassuringly telling Kizmet that she would be “back with momma soon.” My four legged girl is very attached to me.

I sat alone in the exam room sending my soul pup Reiki and sending more energy to the man and his dog in the next room as I heard him sharing his love for his companion in the minutes before his dog was to be euthanized. Through the wall, I had heard him ask questions of the doctor and come to that heart wrenching decision. My own heart ached for them both, even as I begged angels to take care of my own beloved companion.

After a time, a smiling veterinarian came in and told me that Kiz was doing well. He admitted that she was a little wobbly but that she was alert and her vitals were all good. I would be able to take her home without any further treatment. The vomiting she had done was key. Now I would need to watch for any strange breathing and simply keep water nearby for her.

My relief was immense…

Our conversation took a more humorous turn as the vet commented that at least Kiz hadn’t drunk Everclear. (Lordy, none of us ever would.) The vet was very warm, calm and kind. He didn’t convey the least amount of criticism or judgment. In fact, he was keeping it all very light. He shared that we just needed to treat her as we would ourselves. She would need to sleep it off and drink water. I thanked him and the vet tech and gladly paid the $90 exam fee.

While I was making the payment, Kiz made a few strange noises. I asked her if she was about to toss her cookies again. Thankfully, I’d guessed it. I tilted her sideways in my arms and she vomited on the lobby floor (completely clear of herself, Lauren’s blanket and me.) Well done us!! I apologized to the receptionist and she said not to worry.

With enormous relief, we made our way home.

Kizmet slurped down huge quantities of water the moment we arrived back. She and I shared a snuggly tired sleep in the guest room from 2AM – 9AM with only one time of her waking up for more water.

Our pup was much more herself upon waking but obviously slightly weak and tired. The ‘hang-over’ signs were clear.

Kiz and I even napped in the trailer on property (during the soothing rain shower this afternoon) as our home was toured by a realtor and a prospective buyer. That part was a sweet memory as I had a dog under the covers beneath my right hand and our amazing cat Smokey beneath my left hand.

Ahhhhh… purrs, rain drizzling, the warm calm heartbeat of my pup and me all snuggled and appreciative…

I am so very glad that this story had a happy ending…

Lesson learned…. Prayers answered. Heart grateful. 💗

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