Love you G-G

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On July 17, 2020, this very special woman made her transition. Our “G-G”, Brian’s grandmother and Lauren Claire Wolfgram‘s last living great grandmother, was one heck of a woman.

Marge Wolfgram had an incredible hearty laugh and could get you rolling with her humor and delivery. Her keen mind was sharp into her 90’s, and she lived independently until just the last few weeks of her life. G-G’s cookies were always plentiful, as were her hugs. I’m so glad we had the visits that we did over the years despite living across the country from her.

Lauren and I are so very, very thankful that we were able to have this finale conversation with her via Zoom on June 12th just as G-G began her at home hospice care. On this day, you wouldn’t have imagined she was anything but one thousand percent healthy, sassy, smart and fun. She was. This conversation was amazing. The laughter was constant and G-G told us how much she loved us and how much she loved being in our family. I can’t imagine a more perfect goodbye, unless we had been able to hug her one last time.

Marge gave her entire family the gift of these special goodbyes, visits and chats before she passed. I’ve never known anyone who made their transition in quite a way as this, but then again, G-G was quite a woman.

Having her wish me a Happy 50th on the video Lauren made for my birthday was absolutely unforgettable. Of course, I bawled instantly, knowing she wouldn’t be with us for long as she made her wonderful and (of course) humorous wish to me.

We shall miss her. I shall miss her, but I know she is having some wonderful reunions right now. Marge has a huge family and countless loved ones, here on earth and in Heaven.

I’m so incredibly grateful that she and I were able to share two very special conversations in the final months of her life. Our shared sass, appreciation, humor and love was a blessing.

Thank you G-G. Blessed journey on… We love you so.💗

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