When doves cry….

Chills and tears……..

For whatever reason, the death of Prince has broken my heart open wider this morning than at any time since learning of his sudden passing…

I had watched the sheriff’s news announcement from yesterday.  I was in the midst of reading an article that spoke of fans finding seemingly prophetic references to his April death in some of his song lyrics… My heart was heavy… The tears arrived like no time since his sudden passing.

The tears came in earnest….

and then…. 


at that exact moment…..

a dove struck the window of my home right in front of me and flew off……..

Yes, I’m still right here….
filled with an other-worldly sense of awe.

“This IS what it sounds like when doves cry……..”

and then THEY FLY.


One thought on “When doves cry….

  1. And more sweet precious tears of awe…..

    I went to the window, cupping my coffee, and feeling this sense of merging – worlds, awareness of my place and more……

    Tears came again….

    I looked toward our bird feeder beneath the palo verde trees covered in bright yellow blossoms…

    One dove was on the ground intently running after another…. the mating dance of spring no doubt.

    The two ran directly toward where I was (inside the house) beneath the very same window where the one dove had just struck and flown off….

    Inches beneath me on the ‘other side’ of our home… The two coupled and completed their union…

    What a morning of messages….
    The Divine is very, very Present.

    I feel the AWE.

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