Seeing With New Eyes


Fascinating personal phenomenon….
My distance eye sight has been significantly improving with each optometrist visit over the past few years, after thirty years of being near sighted!  Today I learned that it’s 50 points better in each eye. That is substantial. Wow!!
My doctor said (with a smirk) that, in one respect, my eyes are returning to their baby vision. I remarked, “Hey, I’ve got Merlin eyes. They’re youthening!!” He smiled at that (and then we proceeded on with our philosophical, political and educational discussions…)

As I contemplate this morning’s experience, I see a variation on a recent theme.

SEEING WITH NEW EYES…. It’s come forward often and in a variety of ways, through various people…

My doctor and I got talking today on topics that dealt with many aspects of life that we each find discouraging, unsettling and even disturbing about our country and the times we are living in now… Hmmm… I SEE that it’s time to look upon all this with clearer vision and fresh eyes…

We can utilize our REAL-Eyes and REALIZE…how we each can play our role in creating the VISION of the world that we wish to see… FOCUSing on the new that we want to create and following through with actions that support that VISION.

Since the theme of SEEING WITH NEW EYES..has come up again and again, via posts, messages and ‘signs’ shared among my friends and family, I believe this is all quite spot on….

3 thoughts on “Seeing With New Eyes

  1. I like to interpret (and appreciate) your encouraging words as seeing differently rather than seeing harder or perhaps, squinting to gain clarity about that new vision. 🙂

    1. Thank you Eric. I enjoyed your appreciative interpretation. Seeing with new eyes certainly requires us to put down our old ‘frames’ and filters; even if it means, as you say, squinting a bit before the new, arising vision comes into keener more clarified focus.

      My personal experience here and the awareness that this theme has brought also reminds me of a well known Marcel Proust quotation: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

      I believe I’ll go out into my day today allowing myself to see the world with “new eyes.”

      Thank you again for your kind, keen remarks. 🙂

  2. After sharing this on my Facebook page beneath my profile picture, a dear friend asked me this. Here is her question and my reply:

    Artha Ortiz: What have you done to improve your vision?

    DeAnne Wolfgram: Artha, firstly, part of my improved distance vision may actually be age related. Some people do experience improvement in their distance vision acuity as they get older and the composition of the eye changes (especially, if they’ve been myopic.) This seems to be the case for me, although everyone in my optometrist office was surprised at the amount of change in my prescription in just one year.

    Secondly, when you ask what I’ve done (besides getting a bit older)…here’s an important answer. I have diligently given myself daily complete Reiki self-treatments for the past five+ years. I have no doubt in my mind that this nurturing, energetic healing modality has not only brought me more expression of my natural gifts, more calm, more flow in life and greater health on all levels, it has also aided in this notable improvement in my sight. I see on one ophthalmology website that they even refer to this occurrence sometimes as “second sight.”

    Well… there’s an INsight with layers of meaning right?! 😉 xoxo ❤

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