I Do



I do… I truly do fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul.

My heart opens that much wider to feel even more love with every experience I have of someone dropping their guard, shedding a layer of armor, opening their heart, sharing a bit of their truth, owning their worth or claiming their Soulful expression…

Every time someone does this our world becomes a more real, genuine and beautiful place.

 So Much Love to you All 

~ DeAnne, Conscious Connections NOW

Image Source: ilovemylsi.com


One thought on “I Do

  1. I feel like I am falling in love every day now… My heart is wide open witnessing so many people vulnerably, beautifully and bravely opening… Let’s have raw, real and the wholeness of who we are.

    We’ve had enough eons ,and years of our own lives, living in fear and trying to do or be something that we aren’t, that isn’t true and authentic…. The world needs us as we are.

    We came into this life upon the divine call of a need that only we can fulfill.. We do that in our own unique beautiful divinely, fallible human ways…through the love that we are individuated and yet an important part of the gorgeous whole.
    June 2 at 5:55pm

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