Courage Angel

Courage Angel ~ “with arms wide open”

My Courage Angel always has a special place near me in our home, on my makeup vanity as I get ready in the morning or in my study as I seek and share inspiration.

She took a hard fall once and literally lost her head. It was symbolic really. I felt the same had happened to me at the time. Thankfully she and I are both whole, renewed and courageously continuing… Super glue and Faith work wonders.

6 thoughts on “Courage Angel

    1. Joss, your Grace and wisdom continually touch my heart and inspire my Spirit. Thank you for all your comments on this Courage Angel and the presence you constantly share. Much love always…

      “With arms wide open………”

    1. Yes… My courage angel always travels with me now;… although recently, her little figurine here has taken up a consistent and honored place in my study, next to the globe of our world and alongside a few other precious objects. She is the focus of this meaningful corner of my world, the altar that resides right next to my computer…. She stands with arms and heart wide open… in this place where I connect with so many…in many beautiful ways. She IS my ever-present reminder of my personal vow… to connect with life and with others this Way…with SO MUCH LOVE…. and with arms and heart wide open. xoxo

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