Love Bomb

It's Loaded

LOVE is my weapon of CHOICE.

It IS loaded, and I am not afraid to use it. 
LOVE BOMBS AWAY ~ Today and Every Day. xo

DeAnne, Conscious Connections NOW

One thought on “Love Bomb

  1. My heart bursts wide open again as I re-read these comments that friends posted beneath this message when it was first shared on the Conscious Connections NOW Facebook page on Valentines Day 2014. Here they are:

    DeAnne Wolfgram Happy Valentine’s Day 2014 ~ LOVE Day IS Every day. xo
    February 14 at 10:40am · Like · 3

    Christine Brisco Yes it is, beautiful
    February 14 at 10:46am · Unlike · 1

    Debbie Nicastro Perfect. Thank you DeAnne Wolfgram.
    February 14 at 10:46am · Unlike · 2

    Fay Hart Ah, thanks. That’s lovely. xox
    February 14 at 10:46am · Unlike · 2

    Carin’ Poff Bocskay Thank you Karen! Have to share!!!
    February 14 at 10:48am · Unlike · 1

    Lenita Vangellis Connecting with the warrior within..
    February 14 at 10:48am · Unlike · 2

    Peggy Cole Ashman McEntee Thank you!
    February 14 at 10:48am · Unlike · 2

    Ashleigh Edwards All u need is love!
    February 14 at 10:49am · Unlike · 2

    Paolo Andolfato
    February 14 at 11:00am · Unlike · 1

    DeAnne Wolfgram In life, in death, in everything, only love remains. ONLY LOVE IS REAL. xo
    February 14 at 11:02am · Like · 4

    Jeremiah Sullivan Yay Bri ! Always pullin back into the light … ; )
    February 14 at 11:04am · Unlike · 1

    Stephanie Rainbow Bell Thanks Gorgeous!
    February 14 at 11:04am · Unlike · 2

    Joanna Serianni YES!! Bri, awesome just like you. Happy Love day to you and Arielle, much joy!!!
    February 14 at 11:56am · Unlike · 1

    Cat Forsley No kidding xo Love it xxxx
    February 14 at 12:08pm · Unlike · 3

    Melynnda Button Be careful where you point that thing DeAnne! LOL
    February 14 at 12:10pm · Edited · Unlike · 4

    Gabriella Boehmer Love it! Happy Heart Day my friend
    February 14 at 12:11pm · Edited · Unlike · 1

    Laurel Louise Lewis I absolutely love this
    February 14 at 12:24pm · Unlike · 4

    DeAnne Wolfgram Melynnda, LOVE your WICKED sense of humor and YOU. xo
    February 14 at 12:43pm · Like · 2

    DeAnne Wolfgram Lenita Vangellis, thanks Luv… I’ve always had an expansive Love Warrior in me. She’s just busting loose all over lately (more than usual. LOL!) Thank YOU for taking notice and continuously feeding the flames for all. xo

    And serendipitously, I just received an amazing Valentine’s gift (from myself) today… Your book “Ashanti’s Symphony” arrived in our mail this afternoon. Divine perfection there!! LOVE THAT!!!

    Thanks for the recommendation of book and friendship Stephen Michael Marcus. Hugs to you, Barbara and the gang. xo
    February 14 at 12:49pm · Like · 1

    DeAnne Wolfgram Sera Beak’s “Red, Hot and Holy” arrived yesterday… I have some powerhouse passionate reading ahead of me.

    February 14 at 12:50pm · Edited · Like · 2

    Lynn Anne Hollywood Love this
    February 14 at 1:11pm · Unlike · 1

    Lenita Vangellis DeAnne Wolfgram wow!!! I’m currently on a road trip, sipping on a coffee brewed with love and reading the above made my morning … Enjoy Ashanti’s journey, it is our journey in so many ways…
    February 14 at 1:15pm · Unlike · 2

    Jeanette Amlie
    February 14 at 1:42pm · Unlike · 3

    Artha Ortiz Thank you. Your heart is gigantic and overflowing with love.
    February 14 at 1:55pm · Unlike · 2

    Mary McConnell LOVE this!!
    February 14 at 4:04pm · Unlike · 1

    Brian Hilliard Love love this DeAnne…big big Sweet, loving, caring Valentine Heart Squeezes coming your way at the Speed Of Light dear dear friend for a million more heart Days..bri. & Arielle
    February 14 at 4:11pm · Unlike · 2

    Jacqueline L. Robinson LOVE THIS! Love YOU….XO
    February 14 at 5:11pm · Unlike · 2

    Mystik Maven Love love love…..
    February 14 at 8:25pm · Unlike · 2

    Conscious Connections NOW Thank you ALL for all that LOVIN’ in your hearts and out there in the world. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this LOVE BOMB so much. In a single day, it became the single biggest post EVER on this page. BOOM!!!!!!

    I sense we are real LOVE UNI-BOMBERS IN THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY, Every Day!!!! Keep exploding all that love all over… We’re in this together. xoxo


    Conscious Connections NOW, Sacred Circle Retreats
    February 15 at 7:27am · Unlike · 3

    February 15 at 4:03pm · Unlike · 2

    Amy Bartz Barilla Thank you for sharing this with me! Love bombs to everyone. Blessings, Dear Goddess.

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