Harmonious Flow

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I Am Ready to FLY amidst new adventures on life’s journey…. while having mySelf well grounded in earthy love, divine devotion, inner guidance, beloved inspirations, co-creation and harmonious flow…. 

These are among my visions and intentions for this year,  and what a year it will be….

There is immense letting go and opening to the new happening in my world. An era ends soon…the page turns and a significant new chapter is ready to be written. A time of creating, manifesting and building arrives in earnest.

Harmonious Flow is my core intention for this very special year. 🌊❤️🌊 May it Be. 🙏🏻 And So It Is. 

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Thank you @jenymags for this angelic photo shoot in 2014.

Heroes Unite ~ Remembering 10-1

One year ago, the weekend of 10-1-17, I had been blessed to share a significant “Women’s Journey” weekend with my daughter, sister-in-law and niece. It was a spontaneous experience and one that would be meaningful and empowering for us all. We shared a day with inspiring luminaries like Jean Houston and Joan Borysenko. We drummed, danced, engaged our inner heroines, connected as mothers, daughters, sisters and friends and reminded ourselves to bring the gifts of who we are to the world. We and all who gathered for that incredible women’s conference were certainly heroines united.

Little did we know how immediately we would need all the inspiration and strength this experience ignited within us.  We drove home from California with joy pumping through our veins. Then….two hours after I dropped my sister-in-law and niece at their home, just  a few miles from Mandalay Bay… the unthinkable would happen.

I was sipping a glass of wine at 10pm as I settled in from our drive home. I was relaxing before bed, but I wouldn’t end up going there for 5-6 hours.  Scrolling on social media, I learned of the mass shooting at the Route 91 Country Music Concert from a passing Twitter post by the producer of La-La Land… What an incredulous way to learn of what was happening in my own city. It seemed unreal. It was.

Then messages, videos, tweets, posts and more came flooding in…. As midnight arrived and 10-1 became 10-2, personal queries of concern came from friends across the globe in France and from others who live in our valley who had loved ones there on the Las Vegas Strip, working or attending the concert. One friend and I spent hours messaging back and forth. We each were sleepless, wondering about our husbands who were at work that night. Her husband works for the hit show “The Blue Man Group,” and they were on lock down at the Luxor. My beloved was on duty as a first responder. I did not know if he had been sent into that horror.

Minutes turned into hours… of not knowing, of praying, of envisioning, of beckoning angels, of being supportive in exchanges with others, of practicing immense trust and hope… and of pondering my own personal fear…..of wondering what I would do to carry on if anything happened to the man I’ve shared a quarter century with in this life. Calm, terror and courage coursed through my veins in turns.  I couldn’t even imagine what all the concert goers and first responders were going through… It was unimaginable and yet the horror was really happening …. in our city.
Oh my God.

I was stunned, shocked, horrified, uncannily present to everything and yet also chilled to the bone.  My husband, Henderson Fire Captain Brian Wolfgram, was on duty that night. I knew the mutual aid agreement between departments would mean his station might be dispatched to the mass casualty scene, even amidst not knowing if the active shooter was still a threat. I sat up awake for hours, like so many others, not knowing… He would text me shortly after 1am to let me know that he was o.k. My relief was immense. His paramedics had been at Sunrise Hospital as the floodgates opened and the wounded came in en-mass.  They stayed to help there. The situation was overwhelming. With my husband’s station under-manned, their crew was not sent to the Route 91 scene. Had they all been in station, they would have gone there. What a twist of fate.  Instead, other units led by dear friends of ours went and like so many other first responders, endured the unimaginable while bringing the best care and skill to the very worst our city has ever seen. These brave men and women faced a harrowing ordeal together, as heroes united.IMG_1741 - Version 2

The morning afterward when Brian came home on October 2, 2017, we all sat at the table eerily calm and present. Our daughter and I listened as her father told us stories of the night before ~ all that he had heard from fellow firefighters and the heroic efforts of one fellow Henderson fireman who was attending the concert with his brother. Brian would not be home with us for long that day.  As a local and state firefighter union representative, my husband went into immediate action then and for many days: attending to those in need, going out to first responder meetings and supporting fellow firefighters who had been at the concert, as attendees and as first responders.  Those who had given help would need help as well.  Even heroes need help sometimes.

Our W.E. women empowered group encircled immediately on that stunned morning via our shared group text with messages flying by the second. Surreal connections of all kinds came forward. And amidst it all, immense supportive friendship and love poured forth. We each and together were strategizing how we could help. Some went out to blood donations centers or delivered cases of water bottles. Monetary donations were made. IMG_3653

Plans and further actions unfolded over the next week and weeks. I would very intentionally support my husband and our firefighter family community however I could. I marveled at how our entire community activated across the valley with enormous compassion in action. We were showing the world that Las Vegas truly is a small town filled with people of immense hearts of love and service. We know how to care for people, not just on vacation but in a time of the worst tragedy our entertainment mecca has ever known. That day and in the days to come….the unfolding stories and social media posts encouraging prayers and courage were simply extraordinary.  Our entire community was full of heroes, of all kinds.

It’s incredulous how the human body and spirit can rise to meet a crisis. I witnessed it all around me and even within myself that day, but by afternoon and evening, the emotional overload was taking its toll. Again, I cannot imagine how it was for those in the midst of the actual trauma and tragedy. My empathic heart was on overload from just where I was and yet I tried to remain in a grounded and supportive place. It was a challenge.  The intense currents of emotion were felt everywhere by everyone.

Thankfully, a perfectly timed personal message from a very dear friend arrived to me and my heart at just the right time that day….as my empathic senses were coping with the overload.


It came just before I was heading to a gathering of women community leaders. Our Clarity Women’s Business Circle’s monthly meeting was on that October 2nd night. Being together that evening was important.  I unravelled emotionally with them in a way that I never had before as I contemplated, for the first time at a visceral level, what could have happened to my husband. In almost 25 years of marriage to a first responder, I had never endured an evening where it shook me to my core like that. IMG_1644.jpg

Each Clarity Sister had her own poignant experiences of that day. We women lit candles, encircled with one another, shared our hearts and stories and brought as much balm to that moment as we could for ourselves, for one another….and for our valley.  We were tender-hearted heroines, united.


As the coming days unfolded, the stories of heroism of all kinds filled news reports, social media posts, television screens, newspapers, magazines and conversations. And  yet, these moments shared together were enormous acts of heroism as well. Vulnerable, courageous hearts shared openly with others brought people together. Tragedy does bring an enormous PRESENCE to our lives. We live and act from a place that transcends anything other than our pure shared HUMANITY.  Living like that is the stuff of heroes. Bringing that profound presence to life more and more is what happens when Heroes Unite…. when WE UNITE.  And with the recollection of what our valley shared in October 2017 and beyond, that is exactly what I see, intend to embody and wish for us all going forward. May we All…..be…. HEROES UNITED.

With So Much Love, DeAnne

Here are more beautiful glimpses of the everyday heroes that I am blessed to call my loved ones, friends and colleagues and the inspiring moments we shared in October 2017. It is a mere glimpse but a precious one. Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

May We Each Be Our Own Hero and Unite with One Another, with Love as Our Guide.

Thank you. I love you.

Tonight, I’m sending love and gentleness out to this young woman.

In this moment, pictured here at her 27th birthday on June 23, 1997, she knows she’s received a call that same day that did not feel like a gift. Her doctor’s office wanted her to come in for a biopsy. The result would be a cancer diagnosis.

The gifts of all that would be many but would be opened over time, over many years.

The tiny girl next to her would share stories of timeless love and whisper to her mommy that “everything is going to be alright.” That wise little one was right. She was so very right.

21 years later, today, I am honoring the day my womb left my body and opened a space in me that would eventually bring in a depth of compassion and love that I could not have begun to imagine in this moment…. as I opened these birthday gifts.

Today, as I do every year on September 12th, I celebrated being alive and still being here on earth to experience all these many adventures and so SO MUCH LOVE.

To this courageous young woman pictured here, I say, “Thank you. I love you. I love you more than I ever knew then and more with every passing year.”

She and I are together in this moment and we did it. We beat cancer. My horoscope sign may be a double cancer but I’m also the Cancerian Woman who has thrived after having cancer… Ahhh yes…I’ve bumbled and stumbled a bit at times but still thrived. And there is still so much more life yet to live.

I will live it with more love, for myself and for everyone, with every moment. That is the gift I’ve received. I’m thankful I’ve opened it so fully now.

So to you too, you reading this, I say Thank you,
thank you for being here and so SO MUCH LOVE.

#BeReal #BeYou #BeTheLove #BeLoved

Embodied Soul ~ Natural Woman

I have always believed that when a Great Soul passes……. their life purpose and mission infuse the world……. and are ready to be embodied at a new level by those who remain here on earth.


Today, I am appreciating the PRESENCE and soul stirring talents that Aretha Franklin brought to our planet, praying for her as she journeys beyond and asking for the blessing of embodied Soul within Every Natural Woman in our world.

Intuition Truth Chills

This morning has been filled with those moments, conversations, messages and sensations of an unseen momentum….

Have you ever felt something like this???

You KNOW you are moving forward in some significant way, but you may not have a clear picture of what that looks like. You feel the tingling of excited, high vibe energy and you simply take a breath, settle into a remembrance of TRUSTing the unfolding and then ‘zing’….in the next moment an intuitive thought, picture, message or spontaneous impulse comes……

AHhhhhhh…. Ah…Ha…..

Then those luscious, glorious, scintillating truth chills fill your senses. Hairs stand up on your arm.  A tickle of otherworldly sensation runs through your arms and legs. The inner awareness says, “Uh Huh…MMMmmmmm Hmmmm…” and you don’t even know what you’re replying to. Yet, you know something very validating just happened.

Yep. I just had one of those moments.  Whatever part of Self has that expanded outlook on one’s life, just smiled inside me….like a parent watching a child have a moment of success… I honestly don’t know clearly what just happened, but I know that I’m ON to something withIN me and for my Life moving forward….

I’ll just keep practicing that TRUST and deLight in the soulful electricity of synchronicity.

My validation came simultaneously.

The number ‘909’ just came forward for me in a very significant way… In addition to my own inner impressions of it, I looked at this passage on a resource that I appreciate. Zing…. Ah-Ha and Yes…

“……now is a most auspicious time to look to your options. As a lightworker your responsibility is to empower, inspire, enlighten and strengthen others, and encourage them to be responsible for their own choices and actions.

Angel Number 909 encourages you to follow your gut instincts and listen to your intuition. Your intuition brings you inspiration, guidance, visions and ideas to ponder and pursue that are intended to guide you in the direction of your highest good. Be in touch with your intuition as this is your inner-guidance system. Your inner-guidance system speaks directly to you through all of your senses, allowing you to make positive choices for your life in every moment.”

So…..here’s to listening in…..trusting our inner GPS….following that intuitive guidance system and enjoying the unfolding journey like a delighted child on an adventure…

Wink. Wink. 😉

For The Sensitive Souls

“This Is For The Sensitive Souls: A Poem For Women” 🌹
~ by Carly Morgan Gross

“This is for the sensitive souls who feel it all.

For the long processors, the bedtime criers, the ones who are blinded by the light.

This is for the women who’ve had to learn the hard way that “no” is an act of respect.

For the stomachs shaken by the sight of anything impure, the hearts that give too much—is there even such a thing?

This is for the wild feelers, the primal goers, and the ones who dream of another planet that feels more like home.

This is for the girls who are shoved into who they aren’t—and for the wisdom inside their bones from the old soul reincarnated in this now.

For the ones who take any chance to be shoeless, braless, and without any worries about what comes next.

The sunshine dwellers, the earth children, the ones who have said yes to forgiveness and being held by the divine first.

This is for the women who not only run with the wolves, but bring their medicine into a society that thinks magic is just a trick.

For the ones who know there is more to life than the 9-to-5 grind and who’ll do anything to bring their art forward and get their message out for others to heal.

For the alchemists, the witches, the medicine mamas—the women who understand and overstep the matrix of fear.

This is for the women who’ve turned their “why me?” into an “it’s me” and became their own guru and source of schooling from beyond.

For the ones excited by ritual, devotion, and prayer and deflected by gossipers, gogogo’ers, and systems that forget to account for the soul’s need.

For the ones who will hold you while you’re hurting, nourish you with touch and truth while you’re processing, and create space for you to exist just as you are.

The ones who are unconditionally loving, kind, and always there—even just energetically holding your heart.

This is for the women who, at times, feel unsafe in their physical form.

For the bodies that have crashed and burned.

For the beings that have been birthed brand new.

This is for the goddesses who don’t know they are goddesses yet.

This is for the empathic angels, the introverted intuitives, and the ones who wear others’ feelings by accident on their sleeves.

For the ones who get glimpses, more and more each day, of what it is to create heaven on earth by embodying the light.

This is for the women who were told that they were too much, too sensitive, too slutty, too pretty, too feminine.

For the women who challenge their fears, follow their dreams, transcend their triggers, accept their paths, and do the work.

For the ones who crave climbing every mountain top and bathing in every rushing river.

For the ones who don’t give up and are always diving deeper within.

You are not alone.

Whatever you do, don’t hide.

Show your face. Show your story. Show your progress. Show your vulnerability.

You don’t have to have it all figured out.

Your medicine is like drops of raw, wildflower honey over a turmeric latte—and it’s too sweet not to share.

Your truth is enough.

The voice of your heart will emerge.

Stand up for something—anything, everything—you feel to be true.

They are the crazy ones, and you are going sane—this is your cue.

Closer to your inner being, you’ve found home.

And there is a web connecting you to me, and me to her, and her to the goddess in us all.

You are safe. You are held.

And we’re ready for you to proudly invoke the power that lies within.

Your purpose is to listen—deeply, intensively—and to use your body as a guide.

She is on your side.”

~ Carly Morgan Gross

Poem Source: https://www.elephantjournal.com/2017/11/this-is-for-the-sensitive-souls-a-poem-for-women/

photograph: “White Rose & So Much Love” 10-4-17, Shrine of the Holy Redeemer in Las Vegas, NV ~ DeAnne Wolfgram

With chills, I sat alone praying and anchoring love at the church (still surrounded in yellow police tape) right beside the site of the Vegas 10-1-17 tragedy.

Grammy ~ My Guardian Angel

Grammy has always been my Guardian Angel and my Kindred Spirit. 🕊

Heavenly hugs to you now. Thank you for watching over all of us then, now and always. .
Love you so Grammy. ❤️
You and I always shared an indescribable bond. You’ve been lifelong friend, playmate, weekly date, mentor, mischief maker, sassy spirit, champion, companion, encourager, teacher, animal lover, matriarch, beer appreciator, life enjoyer, laughter instigator, even college roommate, feisty fun grandmother, and far far more….
My own child Lauren Claire expressed my heart as well here as she wrote of her great grandmother: “Today I get to look back and remember my amazing, feisty, and incredibly strong Grammy. She passed away at the age of 100 peacefully in her sleep. She will always be with me and our family in the lifetime of moments she gave us. I am alive because you lived and loved and made your mark on the world. I am so grateful that I got to know you and make so many memories with you. I love you Grammy!”
We love you our amazing matriarch.
Henrietta Motley Brown Helm
August 28, 1917 ~ January 13, 2018

BIG final week of 2017

This final week of 2017 was a big one for me and my loved ones.  It was full of big joy, big sorrow, big worry and big celebrations of life.  What a momentous way to conclude this crazy year.

I’m thankful to have hosted our family for a memorable, merry and meaningful Christmas Day at our home.  We always share such love and fun together. This year was somehow extra special with our hearts so open and real. That Presence truly is the best gift of all, BIG time!



Two days after Christmas, I cherished throwing a jubilant 60th birthday for our dear friend Lynn. We all contributed joy, fun, food and immense friendship. Hearing her say, “Best birthday EVER!!” made us elated. What a BIG milestone and BIG moment to share!

The very next day, I was thankful that I could be at the hospital sitting alongside a dear loved one while another dear loved one was in a big, long surgery.  Thankfully, we could visit in the ICU hours later, and we knew with relief that caring, dedicated healing professionals were there and so were so many devoted loving family members, near and far. That loved one continues making excellent progress over these past few days. THAT is a BIG relief!


And the very next day, Friday, December 29th, our family was deeply saddened and yet blessed to celebrate the life of our 26 year old cousin who left the earth, way too young, just twelve days prior. His celebration of life brought his large family Together to honor him and to honor the Life we share.



Tonight as this immense year of 2017 transforms into the new possibilities that 2018 will bring, our home is again full…..with love and friendship.  Lauren Claire is hosting a large group of friends for New Year’s Eve.  They are making a big Korean food feast together and then enjoying games, music, dance and festive New Year revelry.  BIG FUN!

IMG_4903 - Version 2.jpg

My love and I are appreciating the merriment and thankful to share our evening together with a few of our own friends here as well. IMG_4689

May you savor a gentle, loving and appreciative beginning to this new year.

With much love, DeAnne, Brian and Lauren Claire

Honoring the REBEL Woman


Today marks one year since Carrie Fisher transitioned to another galaxy far far away..

I simply wanted to honor that transition and to express once again the profound impact her portrayal of the REBEL Woman, Princess Leia, had upon so many girls and women, across generations.

Carrie Fisher portrayed a heroine’s journey that imprinted on my own young life. In a predominantly masculine world, she was an irrepressibly strong, feisty, female presence.

I married my own Han Solo and am forever happy that I did. This truly IS our line to one another now….. “I love you.” “I know.” ❤️

This video is a wonderful tribute to the power of this REBEL Woman. Given that our family are huge Star Wars fans across generations, I know many that can appreciate this.

May we each BE OUR OWN HERO or HEROINE now!IMG_1862.JPG

And May the Force Be With You……Always.

Giving Voice to Our Hearts

Today, as so many give voice to their hearts…. following the tragic event in our Las Vegas community one week ago, I’ll be honoring this day with quiet family time and then experiencing Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” in Las Vegas at The Smith Center……

Realizing the symbolic connections associated with the mermaid, I was reminded of a meaningful message that author Margaret Starbird (“Goddess in the Gospels”) offered to me in February 2014 after I shared that I purchased this exquisite artwork “Lovers at Dolphin Bay” (Magdalene and Yeshua) by Sheranda Ann Kumara.


The work of these women offers much sacred confirmation to the visions I’ve received, experiences I have been blessed to have and the messages of my own heart. Thank you both.

Here is that message Margaret Starbird offered. (As I type that, I am in awe once again at her last name and the significance inherent in that as well….. Star~bird, a cosmic messenger…)
Margaret Starbird: “An essay I wrote years ago about the Little Mermaid Archetype is posted here if you are interested:

http://members.tripod.com/~ramon_k_jusino/littlemermaid.html Also, please see my website: http://www.margaretstarbird.net ‘Sacred Union in Christianity'”

Oh yes… I was interested and I still am… Please go read her article there. The correlations  about many deeper messages within the story of “The Little Mermaid” are profound.  May we each reclaim our voice……

The Divine Feminine energies of love and collaboration are truly emerging in hearts all around and those energies are finding clearer balance and greater union with the Masculine energies of power, assertiveness and more… May the two dance as one in beloved union all the more, within hearts around our world.

There is more offered here on my Facebook cover photo featuring “The Lovers At Dolphin Bay.”


I’ve nestled some precious, sacred, personal insights and experiences there…. May the beauty of some of this bring a soothing balm to hearts and souls right now. For now, I begin with my own.

Feeling so very many connections right now and knowing that many love-infused revelations are and will be aRising….

Love is here….breaking open in hearts all over this valley and all over our beautiful planet.

So Much Love……… to …… and IN…..You All,
I see you. I love you, DeAnneSO MUCH LOVE